Helping Your Business
Gear Up For Success


Our Process

At The Sunderland Group, it’s our business to keep yours sprinting in the right direction. We do that by forging a partnership designed to address your business  needs now and going forward. We start by sitting down with you and reviewing your company profile and background, and by analyzing your tax and accounting needs and concerns.

We then perform extensive data collection to get a complete and accurate picture of your business’s strengths and areas needing improvement, and provide expert advice on ways to pull ahead.

Next we collaborate with you to create a fixed-price Breakaway Business Solutions Package designed to address the needs of your business now and down the road, adapting it as needed over time. We make sure to clarify your expectations now and as your business changes and grows, and outline specific next steps so you always understand what awaits around the bend.

Ongoing Analysis to Keep Your Business Healthy

Our initial consultation is just the beginning. From there we perform ongoing health assessments so we can keep your company on track through every economic twist and turn. We meet with you regularly to strategize new and effective ways to keep your business robust and moving forward at a healthy clip.

By performing regular analyses and scheduling routine meetings, we prevent ugly surprises that can put a drag on your business. You’re always apprised of everything related to the financial health of your business, including:


TAX LAWS – We stay updated on the ever-changing tax laws, and leverage the best in technology and tax research to help prevent inaccuracies, late payments, and other issues that can result in stressful situations.


WAYS TO SAVE – We prepare accurate, up-to-date financials to give you the clarity you need to manage your business properly. Our ongoing business and tax planning helps save you money and pump up cash flow.


TAX LIABILITIES – We keep you abreast of your business’s tax situation throughout the year, so together we can get your taxes filed on time, avoid penalties, maximize deductions, and prevent ugly surprises.


STRATEGY SESSIONS – Regular meetings enable us to work together to create new ways to get and stay ahead. Our guidance combined with your keen understanding of your business encourages bold new solutions as your needs change.


TIME MANAGEMENT – Most business owners work too much and have little free time. We help avoid tax shocks & financial bottlenecks, freeing up your time to advance your business and enjoy the ride.

Our year-round financial monitoring and guidance, regular one-on-one progress assessments, and expert strategies to steer clear of potential roadblocks can help place your business on the fast track to success.